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Szellemkép Bt.

Should your Hitachi, Navon, Telefunken television or Navon MDA device (refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, freezer or
chest freezer) be faulty, please contact Szellemkép Bt. as official brand service:

Please give preference to the electronic bug report!
Electronic reporting form:

SDH Szerviz

If your Blaupunkt, Akai, Navon, A4tech, Leagoo small household appliance, phone, tablet, navigation, vacuum cleaner, microwave
oven, audio and electric scooter product fails, in the case of you should contact SDH Service as an official brand service:

You can report a warranty-related failure of your device in the following ways:

It can be sent by post to the SDH service address: 8200 Veszprém, Jutasi út 3.

Please send your device/devices in all cases:

  • with accessories,
  • with a copy of the invoice,
  • with an accurate bug description,
  • and with your contact details.

Please pack your device/devices damage-proof. If the factory packaging is missing, the sender must ensure that the product arrives at the service centre undamaged.

You may leave it at place of purchase with the proof of purchase documents and all of accessories for the device or you can report it by e-mail attaching your invoice and a short bug description.


Government Decree in force

Dear Partner!

Pursuant to the amendment of Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22.), which entered into force on 1 January 2021, the
conditions for the mandatory warranty of certain consumer durables in Hungary have changed.

In accordance with the amendment of the Government Decree, we will make the following changes to the products distributed by
Hungaro Flotta Ltd:

In accordance with the current legislation, it is the responsibility of the trader to fill in and validate the warranty card provided by
Hungaro Flotta Kft. In addition to the information required:

  • device data,
  • date of purchase,
  • date of sale,
    the document must be signed and stamped.

The form and content of the warranty card used until now will be changed.
The revised text will provide end-users with information on the banded warranty periods linked to the sale price and the length of the manufacturer’s warranty, and will include a new section to be filled in, the gross retail price of the product.

For products shipped after 9 December 2020, we will provide new warranty tickets.
For products shipped before this date, we will provide the warranty card via our website in a downloadable –  format, or, if required, we will post it to the address you provide.
The warranty ticket will include information on the time limit for carrying out repairs, the conditions for providing information,
replacement and withdrawal.

For certain products, by default we will provide full guarantee – regardless of the value over the legal limit:

  • 2 years:
    • Navon robot vacuum cleaner
    • Blaupunkt household appliances
  • 3 years:
    • Navon large household appliances

full warranty regardless of value.

Hitachi and Navon televisions come with a 3-year warranty, which will be extended by an additional warranty period as a special
offer – as before – in the form of a voucher without registration. Details of the special offer will be communicated to the distributors of the products in due time.

For all other products we distribute, the manufacturer’s guarantee will apply:

You can access the new format of our guarantee vouchers on our website, under the Customer Service tab, in the downloadable documents.
You can print the warranty ticket for your products via the link there.
If you would like to receive our warranty cards by post, please let us know by:


If we can be of further assistance with any of the above, please contact us.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Hungaro Flotta Ltd.

Questions/Answers (FAQ)

If the product has already failed beyond the warranty period or is not under warranty repair, the product(s) must be taken to the
appropriate service centre in person or sent by post, based on the product category classification described above, in the service
information above. In this case, we can carry out the repair for a fee, for which we will send you a quotation after a preliminary

  1. If the quotation is rejected, the product will be returned without repair.
  2. If the quotation is accepted, the product will then be repaired. Please include a brief description of the fault with your contact
  1. Please contact our customer service at with the exact type of device and a photo of the accessory you require. We can send you the accessory for a fee!
  2. You will be informed of the purchase price by e-mail.
  3. If you request the part, we will send it as a COD parcel.

In all cases, please send a scanned copy to our customer service (

  • a copy of the document issued by the Management Training Academy,
  • the exact type of equipment,
  • and its serial number,
  • a precise description of the malfunction
  • and your contact details from where we can ship the device for warranty service.

In addition, please kindly send the device(s) with all accessories, a copy of the document issued by the Leadership Training Academy, an exact description of the fault and your contact details.

Please make sure that the equipment is packed in an intact packaging! If the factory packaging is not present, the sender must ensure that the product arrives undamaged at the service centre.