Complex infocommunication development at Hungaro Flotta Kft.

Amount of aid contracted: 18 942 720 Ft
Rate of aid (%): 40%
Content of the project: in the framework of our tender, we purchased the iWise hybrid integrated ERP system, which we used to improve the internal operations of our company. We felt it was important to introduce a system that could be tailored to our own needs, to the specific activities of our company, to help our employees in their daily work.
The main objective of our development was to simplify our business workflows, while making them more transparent and efficient, which is essential to ensure our competitiveness and continuous development.
Presenting and managing our activities in a clear system helps us to make business decisions and apply innovative business solutions.
With this development, we implemented 10 modules of the iWise system, focusing on the following functional

For cloud-based services:
⦁ Telework and teamwork support functional specification
⦁ Service management area functional specification
⦁ Workflow management solution (WF) functional specification
⦁ Electronic document management solution functional specification
⦁ Knowledge management specialised solution functional specification

The iWise Cloud22 Remote and Teamwork module supports the efficient flow of information within the company and the optimisation of error management. The iWise Cloud22 Service Management module enables enterprise service management, enabling service strategy, service planning and service delivery. By using the iWise Cloud22 WorkFlow integrated module, workflows can be planned, automated and tracked.
The iWise Cloud22 Document Management module provides a single, transparent system for recording all operational receipts, documents and contracts. The corporate knowledge base can be expanded using the iWise Cloud22 Knowledge Management module, where various public documents, auxiliary and training materials, information on occupational safety and fire protection can be managed in a single system.

For locally installed proprietary software:
⦁ Functional specification of a system using mobile technology related to a given functional target area
⦁ Functional specification for enterprise CRM, sales area
⦁ Controlling and decision support functional specification
⦁ Human resources management and payroll accounting functional specification
⦁ Purchasing, logistics functional specification

The iWise mobile ERP application for Android allows users to easily access the iWise system from anywhere at any time. The iWise CRM module provides partner contact, easy price offer creation, customer order management, sales process support. The iWise Controlling module generates the indicators needed to analyse the company’s financial situation, helps to use available or obtainable resources efficiently and effectively, and provides up-to-date information.

The main task of the iWise Human Resources (HR) module is to reduce the time required for HR administration tasks related to the company’s employees, to manage data in a unified system and to ensure easier ways for checking data. The iWise Cloud22 Logistics module helps to accurately plan and integrate the subtasks that make up a complex logistics process into a single process, while taking cost efficiency into account.

The system was built by the contractor and was provided as a service, including data migration, customisation and training for the modules.

During the implementation of our project, we will also comply with the required information obligations (displaying project information on our website and producing a “C” type sign).

Project completion date: 10.12.2022.
Project ID: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-2-4-16-2020-02126


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