Our story


Our primary goal is to maintain the market-leading position of Hungaro Flotta on the Central Eastern European wholesale market. We would like to provide our partners a firm foundation/background and sustainable, long-term business development.

The professional excellence and experience of our team as well as our continuously updated stock ensures our success. Hungaro Flotta Kft is owned by financially strong Hungarian investors. This gives way to a certain level of independence and flexibility compared to multinational distributors in the regional commerce.

Hungaro Flotta Kft is a permanent supplier to every consumer electronic chain of stores present in Hungary. We provide our international partners with products shipped directly from our warehouses to approximately 600 stores.

We not only comply to the highest standards of logistics but also provide high-class product management and sales support as well. We have our own corporate network as well featuring long-term connections and strong performance control. 

Our resellers are selected after careful evaluation based on professional criteria to provide a reliable retail network that ensures widespread distribution of the products marketed by us.

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From our partners perspective

Our creedis the swift and efficient service and support. We are constantly on the look for new horizons to improve ourselves and strive to eliminate any and all possible errors while increasing productivity.

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